Why Use Lead Capture Technology on Your Website?

If you run a business, you likely know how vital it is to have a website. Over 80 percent of people will research online before buying a product. For many, your company’s website will be the first time that an individual engages with a brand, but sadly, if you aren’t capturing leads, it could also be the last.

A lot of businesses focus on increasing their ranking in search engine results and getting more traffic to their website. However, if there isn’t a system or lead capture technology in place to collect information, you could be missing out on hundreds to thousands of leads, sales and revenue.

What is lead capture?

Lead capture is simply a form that collects a person’s contact information. This allows businesses to re-engage visitors, continue the conversation and possibly, close on sales.

Lead capture technology can be a form that is displayed prominently when people visit your site, or it can be a dedicated landing page used in social media, marketing or advertising campaigns. Forms may collect a person’s email address, name or phone number. For example, you may offer a free ebook download if visitors fill out a form with their email address. If your company has a newsletter, you might direct them to a lead capture page to subscribe with their email.

No matter if it is a landing page or part of the site layout, the function of lead capture is the same: to get visitors to take action and put down their contact information.

What are the benefits of lead capture?

An increase in website visitors may not mean an increase in sales. In fact, if you don’t have some way to track and re-engage those potential customers, you’ll lose the opportunity.

Continue the conversation.

Lead capture is an invaluable way to reach back out to visitors and keep them interested. The more times that a person engages with a brand, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

According to one study about half of customers will engage with a brand at least three to five times before making a purchase.

Eliminate distractions.

It’s easy for people to get distracted when visiting a website. One study claims that the human attention span is around 8 seconds. Lead capture allows brands to communicate a specific message and call-to-action to visitors in a short amount of time.

Learn more about your customers and marketing.

When you create a landing page, it is easier to track how people engage with your brand. For instance, you may use lead capture for a Facebook marketing campaign. By tracking the number of visitors and where they came from, you can determine which marketing channels and content are most effective for your brand.

If 100 users visit your website today, and you capture just 10% of those visitor’s emails, that’s 10 new customers you could have in one day. Without it, you’re missing out on customers and revenue. Hover Lead makes it easy and simple to add lead capture technology to your website, so you can capture leads and grow your business.