How to easily inject a floating form to any of your digital assets.

Say you manage a website, or a landing page, or wordpress, whatever, something with HTML in it that is available for browsing.
You are looking for the best, stable solution to quickly collect leads from one or more pages within that digital asset.

Few words in that sentence are probably important to you, it have to be: “Best” as the best available solution, “Stable” Because you want to do it once, then, totally forget about it, and “Now” because we moving so fast that in the next hour your amazing webpage design will be less trendy and old.

Available solutions:

  1. Call your super-fast-master programmer and ask him to build an HTML form – No, don’t do that.
  2. In case of a CMS use a plugin or customize an existing form builder feature – OK, but it’s not the best solution.
  3. Inject a floating form – Yes, this is the best solution + most stable + fastest solution.

Now, we like to use the word “Inject” because it is actually adding a small amount of external code into the BODY tag of an existing webpage.
This injection is simple as copying and pasting a code into your webpage, once the “operation” (of copy & paste) is done, the patient (your website) is ready to collect leads.

Nothing can be faster than that.

Floating forms have many advantages, here are some:

  1. It is 100% separated from the structure of the hosting web page and therefore it can be separately manipulated
  2. It can change skins, colors, and designs to always match the webpage look and feel
  3. It can be cloned to multiple areas of a page, to many pages, or, to many digital assets
  4. It can be toggled on and off with no impact on other elements
  5. It is implemented quickly (copy & paste)
  6. It dose not require any technical skills
  7. It helps to store the collected leads in one place (especially when using many digital assets)

Hover Lead to the rescue:

Using HL platform to inject a form will put you on the safe side. Your floating form will be responsive to any device, it will be accessibility compliant and it will help you to collect leads under GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Your leads will be securely stored on Google Cloud, and will be available only for you to see until you delete them (unless you decide differently and add more humans to the partly).

HL floating forms can be added even if you do not have FTP access or permission to webpages that you are managing.
We have found that many digital marketers do not have actual access to all of their digital assets, many of them are relaying on developers to keep their FTP credentials (not recommended).
This is why we have added GTM Implementation – a solution that will bypass even the small phone call or email request to the developer.
If you already have GTM (Google Tag Manager) implemented on your webpage, adding a floating form with HL will be quick as few clicks.
After Injecting your floating form trough GTM all the forms settings and manipulation will be the same as if you have pasted the code directly.

Design and Behavior:

If you ask yourself what kind of adjustments I can do in my floating form, than the answer is basically – anything.
Here is a small list of customization options in HL floating forms:

  1. Texts (OK that is essential)
  2. Fields – number of fields and fields types
  3. Validation rules
  4. Error Messages – what will be shown in case of uncompliant to a validation rule
  5. Design – slinks, colors, font, Right To Left
  6. Behavior – Stick to bottom, top, sides, Pop UP (lightbox)
  7. Timing – Show on page load, only when scrolling to, show on exit intent, after X seconds, when clicking on some element, etc.
  8. More – Collapse to a small badge, draggable badge that is always on, minimize strip, etc.

And much more.


The best, stable, easiest and fastest way to collect leads from one or more digital assets is: using Hover Lead floating forms.

It requires these simple actions:

  1. Login on to your Hover Lead account
  2. Copy the code of the desired form (located in ‘selected form’>>’settings’>>’general tab’)
  3. Past the code in your webpage

Or, alternatively, use GTM:

  1. Login on to your Hover Lead account
  2. Click connect with google (located in ‘selected form’>>’settings’>>’general tab’)

Either way, it should be done in around 1 minute or less.
And most importantly – with much better outcome.

Enjoy 😉