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Pricing and Plans – Overview

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Hover Lead’s accounts are based on subscription plans. Each plan holds a set of available features, quotas levels and usage limitation, and have a life period of a month or a year depending on the user preference.

The list of features, quotas, usage limitation and prices for each plan is displayed on the plans table in our landing page and inside the platform on the upgrade plan page (required login).

Plans can be upgraded or extended to longer periods of time but note that there is no downgrade option.

When a plan period expires, the account will revert back to the default “Free” plan and restrictions may be applied on it. For instance, an account based on Pro plan that has expired while using the collaboration feature, will be reverted back to the Free plan while all collaborations will be restricted.


Hover Lead suggests a tier pricing of monthly / yearly subscriptions. When purchasing a plan for a year in advanced, the price per month is reduced.

Hover Lead accepts payments using common credit / debit cards or PayPal and a user can always change his payment method after the first purchase.


In order to have a better control over you plan usage, Hover Lead will notify you regarding you plan in the following cases:

  • When a plan period is about to expire and there is no future plan set
  • When a plan has expired and your account was reverted back to the Free plan
  • When the usage is about to reach the plan monthly limits
  • When the usage is nearly reaching the plan monthly limits
  • When the usage has reached the plan monthly limits
  • When a plan was automatically renewed (if a user requested) after it had finished
  • When a plan failed to automatically renew (if a user requested) after it had finished
  • When upgrading a plan
  • When extending a plan period

Note – Notifications are sent to the user’s email that is used to login to Hover Lead, if you are not receiving notifications on your email, please check your email spam / junk folder or whitelist us in your mail service.

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