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Upgrade a plan

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If you need higher quotas you can always upgrade your plan.

You can upgrade your plan to any of the higher usage plans suggested to you depending on your needs. If you want to upgrade from an “Agency” plan, then, you should contact us to get a price quote depending on your future planned usage.

Upgrading a plan in Hover Lead is not affecting the plan period or expire date, for instance, if your plan is about to expire in 01/01/2020, upgrading that plan will not change its period, rather it just adds more usage and features to it.

If you want to extend the period of your current plan to the same type of plan or to a better one, than you should go to Extend plan instead of Upgrade plan.
For more information on how to extend your plan, please see: Extend a plan period.

Upgrade pricing calculation

When upgrading a plan, we are calculating the cost difference between the two plans per  day and then, multiply  the daily cost with the numbers of days left in the current plan.

Upgrade Cost = ((New Plan Cost – Current Plan Cost) / Plan Period in Days) x Days Left

To upgrade a plan, follow these steps:


  1. Click on “Upgrade Plan” button on the side bar
  2. Select a plan and click on “Upgrade to [your selection] Plan” button
  3. Choose your payment method (Credit card or PayPal)
  4. In the case of credit card payment – enter your credit card details
  5. In the case of PayPal payment – click the PayPal button to and login to your PayPal account
  6. Finally, click on the “Make Payment” button


  1. Click on the “Plan Details” tab to view or change the plan type or period
  2. Click on the “Billing Information” to view or edit the billing information

Note – you can always change your billing information payment method later.

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