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Hover Lead and Facebook Leads Ads – policies and behavior

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The Facebook sync feature in Hover Lead is based on Facebook’s API, Hover Lead’s Facebook application and the Facebook user permissions.

Before creating a connection between Hover Lead and Facebook, please make sure to read and understand this feature behavior:

  1. Facebook is currently enabling web applications to collect leads through their API under certain conditions and limitations. Facebook API can be changed in the future and it is up to Facebook to decide how and if this option will be available for us.
  2. Hover Lead has currently acquired permission from Facebook to use their API to collect leads on behalf of our users. The Facebook review team has reviewed and approved Hover Lead’s Facebook Application after ensuring that our application is standing in all Facebook policies and conditions. Facebook has the rights to change or cancel this approval at any time in the future.
  3. Only a Facebook user with the required set of permissions can Sync Facebook leads to Hover Lead.
  4. Keep in mind that also existing connections that have already been set between Facebook leads Ads and Hover Lead are based on the changing Facebook user permissions.
  5. Hover Lead is using two methods to collect leads from Facebook. The first is by using Facebook webhooks to immediately collect every lead at the time when it arrives to Facebook. Second method is using a bulk synchronization as a background process that runs one in a few minutes and collects any leads that failed to arrive using the first method.
  6. Hover Lead is saving the original Facebook lead ID in order to prevent duplications.
  7. After creating a connection with Facebook Leads Ad, you can decide if you want to collect all the leads that was previously sent and stored in that specific Facebook Leads Ad, Otherwise Hover Lead will sync only new leads that will arrive from the moment you established that connection.
  8. In order to collect leads from Facebook, you will have to connect with Facebook through Hover Lead website, approve authorization and grant permissions. The permissions are requested to enable our Facebook application to collect leads on your behalf.

To learn more on how to sync Facebook Leads to your leads panel in Hover Lead, please see: Facebook Lead Ads Sync – Overview.

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