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Managing existing Facebook connection

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After creating  Facebook Leads Ads connections you may want to manage, test or change their settings. We recommend that only authorized Facebook users that have the relevant permissions (usually those who have set the connection from the beginning) will make changes in the connections’ settings, otherwise a connection may stop working if made by an unauthorized Facebook user.

There are a few actions that you can do after a connection with Facebook Leads Ad is set:

  1. Disable the connection – to temporarily stop collecting leads from Facebook, or enable a previously disabled connection.
    To disable or enable a connection, click the “Enable/Disable” toggle button under “Connection Status”.
  2. Check a connection – to make sure that the connection has the right token and all the required permissions.
    To check the connection, click the “Check Connection” button under “Connection Details”.
  3. Renew a connection – to create a new connection with all current settings based on the current logged in Facebook user (a connection will be renewed only if successfully created).
    To renew a connection, click “Renew Connection” under “Connection Details”.
  4. Sync backwards – to collect all the leads that are on a specific Facebook Leads Ad and not yet collected to Hover Lead. This situation can occur when a connection has been set with Leads ad that already contain leads.
    To sync old leads from Facebook click “Sync All Previous Leads” under “Sync Options
  5. Disable or Enable background lead sync – to activate or deactivate the background process that runs once every several minutes to Facebook and fetch new leads.
    To enable or disable the background syncing process, check or uncheck the “Background Leads Sync” checkbox under “Sync Options”.
  6. Send a test lead – to make sure that the integration is actually working and see that the test lead arrives to your leads panel.
    To send a test lead, click on the “Send Test Lead” button under “Test and Download”.
  7. Download Facebook CSV File – to get all the leads in a CSV directly from Facebook.
    To download a CSV file from Facebook, click on the “Download Facebook Leads CSV” button under “Test and Download”.
  8. Change the matching of fields – in case of a miss match, or when a new field is added to you leads panel or Leads Ad.
    To change the matching of a field, select the Facebook Leads Ad fields from the dropdown under “Leads Ad Fields” column and then, click on the “Update Fields” button.
  9. Add a custom value to one of the fields you have in your leads panel – this can be useful in cases when you want to add a static value to an extra field for every Facebook lead on your leads panel.
    To add a custom value to a field, select “Custom Field Value” from the “Leads Ad Fields” dropdown and then type the value in the field from the right and then, click on the “Update Fields” button.
  10. Change the format of a phone number – to match the value format that you set in your leads panel. Facebook default allows you to send phone numbers in the international format.
    To change the format of a phone number, select the format that you want from the “Format” dropdown options and then, click on the “Update Fields” button.
  11. Add leads sources – for leads that you collect from Facebook, leads sources are usually used to recognize the source from which the user has come to a landing page or a website.
    To add leads sources type in the source’s values in the desired fields and then, click on the “Update Leads Sources” button.
  12. Clone connection – duplicate a connection with one Facebook Leads Ad to another leads panel in Hover lead.
    To clone a connection, select the Hover Lead’s Leads panel from the “Clone Connection” dropdown and then, click on the “Clone Connections” button.
  13. Delete a connection – when you are sure that you no longer want to use this connection. To delete a connection, click on the “Delete Connection” button under the “Danger Zone” section.

Note – In a connection settings page, a click on the page’s name will redirect you to that page on Facebook in a new tab, and a click on the Hover Lead’s leads panel name will redirect you to view its collected leads.

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