Infrastructure and Security

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When it comes to personal details, privacy and security are the most crucial aspects to consider, therefore we have chosen Google Cloud as part of our platform Infrastructure.

This means that all of your information including your client’s leads will be hosted on Google Cloud Platform, which stands in the highest security specifications.

We are using both Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine to store, view or manipulate information.

In addition, when you or your clients sends Hover Lead information, such as your account credentials or leads from a website, we are always using HTTPS protocol when it is possible.

We are also using Google as the Certificate Authority for providing a secure communication between users on our application. We have found Google to be the most trusted and reliable source for our users.

The Google Internet Authority G2 is operated in accordance with the latest version of the CA/Browser Forum Baseline Requirements and it is signed by the GeoTrust Global CA, as described in Google`s Certificate Practices Statement.

We have also made a lot of efforts to keep Hover Lead GDPR compliant, you can read more about it in our Hover Lead and the General Data Protection Regulation page.

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