Restrictions and quotas

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Hover Lead’s accounts are based on subscription plans. Our plan is holding a set of available features, quotas and usage limitation, here is an index ofrestrictions and quotas units we are using in our plans:

Index of Units:

  • Forms – Number of forms (or leads panels) you can create
  • Leads – Number of leads that you can collect every month
  • Exposures – Number of times that a Hover Lead form can be viewed every month
  • CRM Integrations – Number of active integrations that you can configure in your account
  • Facebook Leads Ads – Number of connections with Facebook Leads Ads you can configure in your account
  • Collaborators – Number of team members you can invite on your account
  • Logo – A small logo displayed on top of Hover Lead forms

Restrictions that may apply when a plan expires

When a plan expires, the account will revert back to the default “Free” with the following restrictions.

  • Any previous CRM Integration will be disabled
  • Any connection with Facebook Leads Ads will be disabled
  • Account collaborator feature will be restricted and you will no longer have access to the account
  • A small logo will be displayed on every Hover Lead’s form
  • Leads will be limited to 50 leads per month
  • Exposures of Hover Lead’s forms will be restricted to 1,000 per month

In the case of a restricted account, a notification will be sent by email to the user’s email address and a bold message on a red strip will be displayed in the account.

You can easily fix a restricted account by upgrading your account to a plan that matches the usage that you need. For instance, if you plan to get a traffic of thousands of users, you probably should skip the Basic Plan and choose the Pro Plan or above that supports that kind of volume.

Restrictions that may apply based on our terms of service

Hover Lead has the right to restrict a user’s account if it is found that it violates our terms of service. In cases of misuse of features, attempts to hacking or damaging our service, we will restrict the account from using our service until the issue isresolved.

For more information, please read our terms of service.

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