Verifying Hover Lead account

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Hover Lead does not require you to verify your email, but we highly recommend that you do that.

Verifying your email will ensure that you can easily and securely change your password, restore your password in case you forgot it and ensure that you get important notifications by email.

Note – when changing an email address, Hover Lead is also verifying your email address.

To verify the unverified account, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on your username displayed at the top of the sidebar
  2. On the floating menu, click on “My Account
  3. In the “Profile” tab, click “Verify Your Account Now
  4. In the displayed form, type your email address
  5. Click “Send
  6. Go to your inbox of your email address and look for a verification email from Hover Lead
    Note – if you do not find the verification email, please wait up to 20 minutes and then, check your spam or junk folder again, if this does not help then go back to the web page and click on the link to send another email.
  7. In the verification email, click on the “Verify My Email” button
  8. On the displayed page, click “Login

Login with your email and password

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