CRM Integration

Integration policies and behavior

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Hover Lead is using several methods to integrate leads into CRM systems and other third party applications, to understand how to use our integration tool, it is highly recommended that you read this article.

Integration policies and behavior:

  1. When integration is set to “Real-Time”, the response time of the user will be dependent on the CRM response time, this may delay the time that the user is waiting for his submission (when he clicks ‘send’) to the thank you message of the page. In the case of a failure with the integration or unresponsiveness of the CRM system, the flow will break and will keep the user in “sending…” mode.
  2. When integration’s “Real-Time” is set to off (default), then, the integration will be done in a background process that runs once every several minutes and will not affect the user flow.
  3. Hover Lead marks an integration as failed whenever the CRM response is not matching the expected response as configured in the “Response” tab on the “CRM” settings tab.
  4. Hover Lead is logging every integration of every lead. In the case of an integration failure for one lead or more, Hover Lead will wait a few minutes and then, will try to send the failed leads again. After three failed attempts, Hover Lead will mark failed leads as not integrated leads and add them to a collection for later use.
    Once every several hours, Hover Lead will report by email (using the email address that the user has signed in with) a summary with the integrations and leads that have failed to integrate.
  5. When integrating with Static IP, Hover Lead is using a proxy server that uses this static IP address: The CRM system responses are also being transferred from the proxy server to Hover Lead’s app, therefore, we may see changes in the response type of the CRM systems, especially when using the Web Service.
  6. When a form integration is configured and active, all leads reported to that form will be integrated, including Facebook Leads and External Sources leads, therefore, when adding a bulk of leads together to Hover Lead’s leads panel, it is recommended that the integration to the CRM to be first disabled, otherwise all leads will be reported to the CRM at once.
  7. The number of CRM Integrations per user are limited and related to the user’s current plan. Hover Lead counts only active integrations.

The Integration object with all details reported is available for developers through the console of the developer tools on Chrome, Firefox and other supported browsers.

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