CRM Integration

CRM integration – Overview

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Customer Relationship Management, a software or a web service that helps business to manage the relationship maybe relation between them and their potential customers.

In many cases, business will opt for collecting the leads from Hover Lead directly into their CRM system and then continue with the management from there.

Hover Lead enables you to set up an integration with one or more external CRMs for every form. After configuring the integration, Hover Lead will report every lead it collects and will save a log of report’s status for later use.

In cases when a CRM is unresponsive or returning an unexpected response (like an error), Hover Lead will wait a few minutes and then keep trying to send the lead, only after several failed attempts, Hover Lead will notify you by email of the specific CRM failure.

Our integration tool enables you to report leads in a POST, GET, Web Service and Email Methods, set up required fields, report metadata, report URL data, manipulate data before submission, configure the expected CRM response, send the from a static IP and many other options.

For more information on how to set up an integration, see Integrating leads to a CRM.

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