Leads Panel

Leads Panel – Overview

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Leads Panel is where you can see and manage your collected leads.
You can manage multiple leads panels for yourself or for your clients, you can also use one leads panel to collect leads from multiple sources.

Leads panels are generated automatically for every form you are creating, it contains the same fields based on your form and have system fields that helps you manage your leads.

In your leads panel you can do many things, here is a short list of common actions you may take in your leads panel:

  1. View your leads
  2. View number of exposures, number of leads and conversion rate
  3. Manage your leads status
  4. Update your leads information
  5. Download leads to a file
  6. See metadata for each lead such as IP, resolution, browser language and more
  7. Create a batch action such as delete and change status to a group of leads

Filter your leads

When you filter your leads in your leads panel, Hover Lead saves your last filtering criteria to the current session, so you can browse around and go back to your leads panel while the filtering mode is active.

The filter mode will be terminated in two scenarios: if you close it by clicking on the “Clear Filters” link, or if you terminate your session by clicking “Logout” or by closing the browser.

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