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Using functions to manipulate integration values

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Hover Lead can make some data manipulation right before it sends your lead to a CRM, this is useful when you want to match your leads data to slightly different CRM requirements.

For instance, when people are using a Full Name field in their web forms, but the CRM is expecting to get First Name and Last Name as a separate parameters, in this case we have the “Extract Piece From Value” function that is used to extract the first name and the last name separately from the same value based on the space between them.

You can see at the bottom of this article, a list of common situations and how to apply functions to them.

We are currently having these data manipulation functions available:

  1. Extract pieces from value – when you want to report a part of a value
  2. Merge Values – when you want to report few values glued together
  3. Switch Values – when you want to report new values as a replacement for the current values you have
  4. Extract expression – when you want to extract value with a regex expression pattern

Extract the first name out of a full name value

Function: Extract Pieces from Value
Split By: Space (or leave empty)
Number of Pieces: 1
Start from Piece Number: 1

Merge first and last name to one value of full name

Function: Merge Values
Delimiter: Space (or leave empty)
From: Last Name (Select the field you want to glue)

If the value is X than send Y to CRM

Function Switch Values
Default Value: Leave empty (this is the value that will be sent if there is no match)
Switch Values if Found: Add a row and enter the values

Extract the last seven digits from a value

Function: Extract Expression
Regular Expression: /d
Offset: -7

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